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Prechecklist before posting a product on eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are the largest online shopping sites where sellers can sell their products easily. Making the reputation intact and getting good reviews are the main target of every seller. You can sell anything on these sites. Moreover, it is the supermarket of the world where you can find anything.

Sellers should follow some rules to be unique to others. Herewith the analysis of the survey report conducted by the forums, the sellers should follow the instructions before making a post of sale. Prechecklist is must be followed for better sales.

The first thing to do is categorized your product correctly in eBay and Amazon listing. If you place it wrong then you will never get to see the result that you expect to get from these selling giants.

After selecting the correct categories you have to make the presentation of your product nice enough to attract the customers. The display does make a difference in sellability of the product. To make your display attractive you have to bring on the photographer for constructive images of your product. The main purpose is to lure potential customers towards the product.

It is not only the photographic content that attracts people rather the content or the description of the product. It’s uniqueness than other products give it a boost for better sales. Contact a good content writer for the content which motivates the visiting customers to purchase. 

Amazon and eBay have their own way of listing the product and we need to understand it to stand on top of the search content.

Reviews do make a difference to the people to make a purchase. It is said that we humans love to visit the crowd because of curiosity. That curiosity drives us to make a purchase for the item. So make your own reviews of over 5 so that the faked reviews attract the customers.



Yogendra Subedi
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