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Prechecklist for a business person before going to work.

You can’t be a business person because of your dressing habits only. You need to start a business to be one. Dressing sense does matter after you become a business person. You need to present yourself in the seminars, and other occasions where smartness, tidiness counts for your personality.

1. Wear a watch

Watches are important than you think. You may wonder why to bother on watches if you have a smartphone with you. If that is the case then Rado watches would have faded away long before. There are thousands of watchmakers whose crafts are well respected and are highly honored. Wearing a watch is an honor and a sense of maturity for your personality.

2. Look formal during your office hours and make it all cool. It doesn’t bound you for wearing casual clothing. However, formal clothing will look more of a personality developer.

3. Always wear neat clothes. Clothes gives the gesture of how active you are how much perfection matters to you. Your client, consumers will feel more secured for the products quality. So dressing style does matter for better business environment.

4. Bags are more stylish and makes your presence more bold. It gives the impression of maturity and class.

5. Hair style shows your personality. A sense of better you will be displayed with your hairstyle. It doesn’t mean that you make your hairstyle like the army personals. However, you have to arrange it to suit your looks.

Yogendra Subedi
Yogendra Subedi

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